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Age 43 (Presumed)
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Hair Color Brown/Black
Eye Color Brown
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Ryan is Alex's Brother he appeared in The Wire

Appearance Edit

Ryan is a Caucasian man with Brownish Black hair. According to Alex he takes after their father, He normally wears a blue blazer. It is presumed he is 43 years old based on his actor.

Personality Edit

Ryan seems to be very calm and jokeful, he seems to love his family although he joked about how "They are good, back at home". He seems to be somewhat masculine and like most masculine men, he seems to easily start fights if in an argument (although this may be because he was fighting with his brother, which is common among siblings).

Relationships Edit

Alex = Ryan loves his brother although they argue about small things which leads to fights (which is very common among siblings).

His Family = It is presumed that he loves his family although he joked that they "are good back home".

Whitney = He seems to have respect for Whitney in a sisterly way.

Trivia Edit

  • Ryan seems to be easily persuaded.
  • Like Alex, Ryan seems to also use a condescending tone when arguing.